Everyone wants to know how they can add the most seamless and best converting payment option to their web or mobile web site.

We made sure when building JunglePay these two important considerations where taken into account.

Mobile Payment options come in many forms these days, with NFC, Credit card on mobile, IVR billing and Premium SMS. With Direct Operator Billing coming to the front more recently due to the ease of payment with on-device services.

For example, mobile web merchants can implement a single click (no sign-up options), that enables on the fly mobile payments never before seen in the world of credit card. This of course opens up the door for a whole new arena of merchants that can accept mobile payments.

In the last several years, the arrival of mobile payments impartially Direct Operator Billing has meant that the type of payments that are presented at checkout have changed - a shift towards one-click payments. No longer are users required to sign-up long forms.

It’s quite possible that the future of mobile payments may be decided in the in-app billing space – that is mobile apps. What are the requirements of apps and what are the best payment options for them.

9/10 it’s a form of mobile payment that works best and these statistics come from credit card companies that are now trying to get in on the act.


With JunglePay, at txtNation we have built the product so that all of our mobile payments are handled via Premium SMS and / or Direct Operator Billing.

Read how you, like thousands of others have, can start accepting,  Mobile Payments quickly and easily with JunglePay.