In today’s world the concept of non-coin based currency is not new. It is only recently that the technical support for such systems has become widely available. Technology has given a new dimension in the way payments are made with the introduction of Premium Phone Billing. JunglePay took the initiative, and with the help of highly experienced workforce developed an application that enables merchants and consumers to use the premium phone payment option as an alternate to other payment methods, as the business needs the capability to compete in the global market in every aspect.

Premium phone billing allows content providers as well as service providers to charge for low cost items via SMS and phone using premium rate and credit card. It is an ideal way to pay for low value items such as web services, videos, mobile content, downloadable software, online subscriptions, movie tickets and much more. In the SMS payment method the customer has to send a message to a premium number and in reply the customer gets the pin using which the customer can access the services or make the purchase, whereas in the phone payment mode the customer has to dial a premium number and in return gets the access to the services. It even allows merchants to sell goods to customers without credit cards.

Why Premium Phone Payments are gaining popularity?

- It’s a great way to convert your traffic into cash.

- Very easy to start, easy to collect payments.

- Almost everyone has a mobile phone now, giving it a very wide reach compared to payment via credit cards.

- Additional payment option to reach more customers.

- Purchases can be made without any registrations.

The Premium Phone Billing method was used by the gaming and the dating sites in the beginning, but now its gaining popularity among other sectors and is also being used for selling other physical goods and services. Previously it was difficult to blend this payment method with the websites, but with the introduction of billing application by JunglePay this method is now favorite among the merchants and the customers. The application widget can be easily integrated with any website and is compatible with all the browsers. There is no coding work required by the merchants as everything is packed in this application.

Customers who are not comfortable sharing their credit card details while making online purchases, JunglePay’s Premium Phone Billing is the solution that will provide them with a sense of security. Moreover it is an excellent alternate payment method if anyhow the customer’s credit card is denied. The mobile industry is growing rapidly both domestically and internationally. SMS and messaging advertising volumes are up above 30% per year. In a recent survey, approximately 90% of American cell phone users prefer to download data via the mobile platform over their computers. The introduction of the mobile phone has forever transformed communication. This demonstrates the strength and potential new markets for mobile content and billing.


Ever wondered how a mobile phone can become a hotly contested space all around the world in terms of purchasing the goods and services. Yes that can be true by using the direct carrier billing solutions as a payment method in the online space. Direct Carrier Billing (DCB) also known as Direct Operator Billing allows billing directly available on your mobile phone. Purchases that are made using direct carrier billing are listed directly to a users mobile billing account by the operator. Direct billing is a true ‘One-Click’ purchase process different from traditional Premium or WAP Billing, SMS billing methods. Direct carrier billing is the perfect area for small-payments and payments that originate from the ease of use. For a moment think of car parking. If you could pay for your car parking on the street with your phone, how convenient that would be to you?

JunglePay’s direct billing solution provides simplified payment flow thus making it faster and easier for consumers to make purchases from their mobile phones without compromising on security.

The payments from the users for the mobile content can be directly taken through their handsets. JunglePay’s clients can easily initiate the payment process by simply clicking the button embedded in the application without any unnecessary re-directs, hence providing the customer’s with a wonderful shopping and payment experience. Direct mobile billing works without any previous registration, and it does not require any other sources of funding such as credit cards or bank accounts. Direct billing adoption will increase many-folds in the coming time all over the world as globally available and recognized service providers outpace local ones. The storefronts who have introduced direct carrier billing have experienced a sharp rise in their transactional volumes to the tune of five to six times higher than transactions using credit cards while also seeing an increase in average transaction value. Moreover with direct operator billing, purchases can be securely charged and included in the customer’s bill thereby reducing frauds and also reducing operator costs.

Over the last few years, mobile payments have become a hot topic and e-commerce is more and more becoming m-commerce. Direct mobile billing is gaining widespread popularity all over the world as concerns about privacy and security are being addressed. Today the mobile carrier billing method has evolved to a different level, introducing better security and transparency standards and the adoption of newer and more sophisticated technologies has encouraged many businesses like gaming, dating, software, anti virus, online multimedia, classified industry adopt mobile carrier billing as an effective payment option. Direct carrier billing can be used as a simple and highly effective mechanism to reach the consumers where there is no effective banking solution such as in case of developing nations.

Customization of the JunglePay widget by the merchant tends to extend the transaction process with increased consumer engagement, and unique and awesome user experiences. Creating unique and compelling online user experiences is probably becoming the most considerate factors among online merchants.

The net worth of this sector was estimated to be around $2 billion in 2012. By 2020, the direct billing solutions are expected to increase the content owners’ revenue from US $5 billion to $40 billion. This prediction can’t be ignored considering the other payment options available in the market. Direct billing encourages market development and stimulates revenue growth for both mobile operators and the content owners. No other payment experience allows for a true one click purchase like JunglePay’s direct billing application.

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SMS service needs no introduction, SMS services are being used by billions of users worldwide. When the SMS services were introduced no one ever thought that one day it will be used as a payment method. Nowadays SMS payment method and the industry around it has been hugely successful. Mobile technology has undergone great levels of innovations and evolution’s  resulting in more powerful mobile devices and communication channels to be available, that can handle a variety of business transactions and practical communication.

The benefits of using JunglePay SMS services are that users can pay without having to leave the site or having to sign up therefore making it an effective way of fabricating your on-line offering or adding variety to your current payment options. In addition, with no credit card details required you are able to access a wider range of customers. JunglePay provides a wide range of application deployment ranging from social networking sites, blogs, games, and web applications. You can fully customize the JunglePay widget according to your choice using the API. Due to its customization, interface and easy installation, JunglePay is one of the best mobile payment application providers. It supported by the majority of the browsers and requires minimal programming skills as all the work is handled by JunglePay experts.

SMS payments will continue to be a growth area in mobile payments. JunglePay users can simply pay for products and services using the SMS message sent to their mobile phone or it can be in the form of a USSD (Unstructured Service Supplementary Data) request. The USSD requests are generally hosted on the Telco operators’ domain. The products and services that are purchased using SMS pay are either directly available on the mobile or can be shipped to the customer later. Thus making it a very simple and convenient method SMS payment method. The fact that the only thing that user needs is a phone which is capable of sending SMS, even if you don’t have a mobile phone you can use the Fixed Line/Land-line or the credit card.

Why SMS Payment method is becoming popular?

Many tasks which were earlier done manually or in a desktop/laptop are now preferably being done on mobile phones. The mobility, connectivity and increasing processing capabilities makes them a strong medium of mobile commerce. There can be several parties involved in a payment procedure. The nature and number of parties involved in the procedure will define a lot of other characteristics of the procedure. The SMS Payment method involves the following parties:

Merchants and Customers: These are the end parties that are ultimately making the trade of good or services. Customers use SMS pay to transfer the money to the Merchants.

Financial Institutions: These are the financial institutions that are already maintaining the finances of the Users. They are normally the final payment settlement agency on the behalf of the user, either on debit or credit, depending on the nature of services subscribed by the users. The involvement of private or public banks in the payment procedure can really empower it as they are the trusted partners of the users and have the dedicated systems for reliability, security and extensive facilities for settlement of the payment as they already posses the users’ data.

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