This week’s website of the week is the fantastic online multiplayer strategy game, Forgotten-Days. The hugely popular browser game challenges players to build an empire, recruit an army and fight with their allies for power over the game world.

The game is free to join and pay, with further packages available to purchase. Taking advantage of JunglePay’s simplicity, they have offered the option of paying by mobile as an alternative to PayPal payment.

 Forgotten-days and JunglePay

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Since the concept of Bitcoin was introduced in 2008, it has become a more accepted currency with a growing number of businesses accepting it as a form of payment. As more and more sites offering users the opportunity to buy Bitcoin appear on the web, we have seen a rapid growth in the amount of them using JunglePay to process the mobile payments transaction.

What is Bitcoin?
Bitcoin (BTC) is a social currency and the first decentralised digital currency allowing payments worldwide. There is no central authority for Bitcoin and the Bitcoin network carries out the transactions and issuing. Their value is dependent on market demand and supply.

Why use Bitcoin?
More and more businesses are seeing the benefits of accepting Bitcoin both for them and their customers. Accepting the currency is free and they are irreversible, so no chargebacks. They move fast and can be received and spend in minutes, all over the world.

Why use JunglePay to sell Bitcoin?
For the seller, JunglePay offers easy integration and can fit your brand, allowing you to get started quickly. For the customer, it offers secure mobile billing so you can pay by mobile without the risk. The simplicity of JunglePay’s payment process means a higher conversion rate and fewer abandoned transactions.

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We’ve seen plenty of great websites using the simplicity and ease of personalisation of JunglePay to make the most of the payment solution. Each week, we take a look at a site that looks great with the mobile payment widget. This week,

Based in the UK, Online Swinging allows users to browse adverts stories and events and interact in the forum, all for free. For extra benefits, members can upgrade and become a Site Supporter, and that’s where JunglePay comes in. By allowing users to pay by mobile phone, Online Swinging offers a secure process without the details showing on a credit card bill.

OnlineSwinging using JunglePay

As you can see above, they have taken advantage of the customisation options for the JunglePay widget to make it fit nicely into the page.

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